Prleški HelloVin

When the witches wake up
and dance across the dark sky,
it is in wine cellar barrels
that the magic begins.

The witches stir and stir the sweet grape must,
until it is magically mixed
- into vintage, noble wine,
a gift of nature and our hills.

Even to Saint Martin,
this seem strange and unusual,
but the result - the nectar of life and virtue,
he blesses with joy.

So let's celebrate this magic,
let's entertain all the near ones or travelers from afar,
for when the witches until St. Martin
in Prlekija - are conjuring wines.

For eleven days, from October 31, when the witches wake up - until Martin's holiday on November the 11th, when the grape must turns into wine - HelloWine will take place in Prlekija. That's when 'the witches in Prlekija wake up on Halloween to conjure wine from the grape must, which they finish on St. Martin's Day'. During this time, local tourist providers of food and accommodation, and especially winemakers, will be invited to arrange special offers or benefits, discounts, etc., which will last during the eleven days of HelloWine in Prlekija. We will mark the beginning and end of these days with a small cultural (and tasting) event. The concept could be extended to the whole of Prlekija, if there will be interest.

The event is inspired by the traditional 'kraška Osmica', when local farmers, inns and wineries pamper many visitors to this region with a special offer of local cuisine. 'Osmica', of course, is inherited from history, when the surrounding farmers were exempted from all taxes, and even today it attracts a huge number of people to Kraško region, and which has a significant economic effect on the entire region. HelloWine from Prlekija will also have a historical background linked to the revitalized cultural heritage of 'witchcraft' and traditional wine and food production. The period between Halloween and St. Martin's Day is precisely the time when Prlekija, the cradle of viticulture, lacks any major tourist event that would mark this viticulture holiday and attract more external visitors. The HelloWine in Prlekija may be an important step and example in this direction in the long term, and last but not least, it also has international potential.