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The project stems from the fact that the majority of witch trials in Slovenian were held in our region. Ljutomer is even considered the capital of witch trials in Slovenia, as 45% of all known trials in Styria took place here. In this regard, Veržej and Gornja Radgona were also important, where the last witch trial took place on Slovenian soil in 1746. The 'witch' on trial was Apolonia (or Polona Heric), who came from Veržej and who was tried at a high-profile trial in Gornja Radgona.

However dark and morbid period of our history this is, it is our intangible and indigenous cultural heritage. That is why this period should be remembered and properly commemorated, important contemporary lessons should be drawn from it, and with sufficient historical distance and piety towards the victims - turn it into an attractive tourist product, which will also be of an educational nature.

The operation will create an appropriate research and professional basis for this part of our history, on the basis of which it will build a new and completely original tourist product, which will be linked to the authentic cultural heritage of the area. We will also connect a certain number of local tourism providers with it, with the possibility of expansion, and set the concept of at least one example of how to further develop this newly discovered heritage. Our goal is to increase the tourist offer of Prlekija, in a modern and original way, which will also be interesting for the urban and young population and, of course, tourists.

Research and professional historical background is the first activity of the operation. This is followed by the central activity of the project - the development of the tourist product. This includes several segments, from the publication of a brochure, the production of a documentary film, the networking of local tourism providers, all the way to the production and installation of three interactive magic spheres with associated equipment (touch monitors), which will be placed in the three partner locations of the project. These will essentially be entry interactive digital tourist points that will be linked to our magical concept, and which will provide their users with all the information about our magical cultural heritage, inviting them to various magical routes and products around Prlekija, and last but not least, fortune telling their (touristic) future through a fun interactive game.

The last activity will be devoted to the creation of a concept for the launch of a traditional tourist event, which will originally connect this revived magical cultural heritage of Prlekija with our rich winemaking tradition. It is about HelloWine in Lotmerk, which would last 11 days from Halloween to St. Martins, and which has the potential to become an interesting touristic feature of the place and the entire region.

The project is implemented in three municipalities, which have a common history of witch trials. The main partners of the operation also come from there, each of them leading cultural actors in their locality. Through the project, we will also include at least 10 local tourism providers who will adapt part of their offer to our magical concept.

The whole project is oriented to be permanent, as all its results will remain the property of the partners and intended for wider use and use (collection, film, magic ball), and last but not least, we also foresee the expansion of these contents and participating tourist actors even after the end of the operation. In addition, the purchased equipment (magic touch monitor) will require minimal further maintenance, while at the same time offering enormous possibilities for upgrades, as is the nature of digital technology.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Additional information: www.eu-skladi.si in www.las-prlekija.com.

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Project partners
  • Kulturno turistično društvo Festival Ljutomer - Leading partner
  • Zavod za kulturo, turizem in promocijo Gornja Radgona
  • Kulturno društvo Slavko Osterc Veržej
  • Zaposlitveni center BM, proizvodnja in druge storitve d.o.o